We live in a culture where we are strongly discouraged and shamed around sex and sexuality.  As young children, we are given messages of disapproval and slowly we have shut down, turned off and numbed out.  By sustaining this silence, we continue to cheat ourselves and not allow our full exploration and experiences.

I invite you to begin the conversation by sending me your questions and ponderings.  Maybe there is something you are really curious or concerned about and feel too embarrassed to ask.  Maybe there is something you would love to explore further but don’t have anyone to share your curiosity with.

I don’t proclaim to be an expert and have answers to every question.  I do however proclaim to be willing to explore, uncover, reclaim and adventure alongside you and anyone who is willing to meet their edges and begin to reclaim a sex positive culture of learning.   So let’s get the conversation started and reclaim the wonder, magic and power of sex.  Please email me with anything you would like to talk further about or questions you would like to explore.   Use this invitation as it as best serves you in your life.  It might be an opportunity to share your thoughts with another, explore something new with a lover or deepen your learning alone.  Whatever comes…let us together begin to unravel the shame and reclaim a sex positive future. 



I would love to hear any questions, pondering, thoughts or offering you might like to share. Please know that your contact details, questions and sharing will be kept confidential and only shared with others if I have your permission.

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